1. Is this costume Jewelry? Does it turn green?

Being that the chokers are costume jewelry they have the tendency to turn green after long term use. But for your convenience we added an extra layer of acrylic protection for your skin.  


2. How quick is shipping?

After you place your order please wait 1 - 2 business days for shipment. Afterwards, it depends on your choice of shipping and your location. 


3. How much is shipping?

Our Noir offers flat rate shipping of $5 dollars depending on the weight of your order. 


4. When will you have "necklace name" back in stock?

Our Noir restocks with new items monthly.  If you would like a special order please use our contact page. 


5. What exactly is a special order? When can I request one? 

Say you see a new trend and Our Noir currently does not carry it. Put in a request order and the Our Noir team will track it down for the lowest price. *Warning* Shipment time will be longer.