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Living Natural Blog

A Kind Of Personal Story

Teanna willis

Hey yall so I had no idea how to tell this story, so I thought it would be good to write it out here so I can figure out how to tell the video on my channel. The only reason why I dont know how to tell the story is because I dont how i want people to react. I know people will be like im so sorry for you but thats not what I want to hear because its not a sad or painful experince for me. I mean it sucks yeah, but its better it happened to me than someone else (thats horrible to say but i am typing everything that I think.

So the day was normal. I walked to the 5 train on 125th and Lexington with an ex-friend. I lived on the 5 line, so it was easier for me to take that train, but a longer walk from my school. I usually just take the 2 train on lenox and tranfer when i get to 149 and grand concourse (if you are not from new york none of this makes sense). I am just trying to say that its kinda rare for me to come all the way over here for the train, but walking with some makes it fun. My ex-friend and i part ways and i go underground to catch the train.

I am waiting for the train minding my business. Now i know the cart is going to be packed, but the platform wasnt that bad. Oh and for some background I am in school uniform, which consist of a white button up and a black skirt.

The train comes and I am ready to squish in as usual, but this time this is different. I am trying to squish into the train and I feel someones hand go up my skirt. It was on purpose.. I felt his fingers on me. I turned around quickly and I saw a man with a black hood.. well at least thats what I think I saw. I turned back around even faster and kinda froze up. I wasn't sure if the person who touched me was on the train still or not. I just stayed looking straight till I got off. I had on shorts under, but I was rushing home to touch myself the way the guy did to see if he actually felt anything. He didnt the rib of my shorts were so thick that's all he felt. I was lucky to be wearing those shorts.

Now I didnt think to report the issue and many would say you should but its like what do I say. I didnt get a positive ID. I mean the most they can do is tell women to look out when getting on the train. The best thing would be to tell men not to touch women. However, I am not talking to no police officers so a few years later I think I can raise awarness by putting the story on my blog and potentially my channel.

The only thing I am worried about is triggering people and bringing up tough memories for other people who watch my channel. I would also turn off the comments and likes because I dont want to see any negativity and personal stories that can trigger me and other people who may see it.