This is the new and improved Black Girl Tag! The old one is pretty outdated and was in dire need of revamping. This tag will constantly be updated, so let me know what questions to add or modify to make this tag the best it can be!

1. Are you natural, relaxed, or texlaxed?

2. When did you big chop or were you natural all your life?

3. Your favorite thing about being Black. (ie. hair, skin, culture)?

4. What Black woman do you relate to the most (Fictional or Non-Fiction)? (i.e Olivia Pope, Laverne Cox, Solange)

5. When do you feel your Blackest? Around family, friends, or white people?

6. Box Braids or Twists?

7. Which Real House Wife of ATL do you connect with the most? (Past and Present)

8. Would you or have you ever dated a white guy?

9. Have you been forced to stay up looking for your bonnet before bed?

10. What Black celebrity do you look like?

11. Who do you hate more Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, or Taylor Swift?

12. What male celebrity do you love to hate? i.e. Asap Rocky, Kodak

13. Do you typically have a good or bad time at the hair dresser and why?

14. How many combs or brushes have you broken?

15. How deep is it for you to let someone see you in your headscarf?

16. What the highest and lowest amount you paid for braids or a weave?

17. Do they have your foundation shade at your local drug store?

18. Do you ever hear the phrase “is that your real hair”? If so, when?

19. Is there anything about your features that are considered more “masculine” because of your complexion?

20. Did you go to a predominantly white or black school?

21. Were you always confident in wearing your natural hair?

22. Did you have support from anyone while you were transitioning?

23. Favorite Edge control?

24. One has to go: Collard Greens, Corn bread, Yams, or Baked Macaroni and Cheese?

25. What is your hair type? Ex(1b-4c)

26. Name 4 Hood/Black movies

27. How do you feel about interracial couples?

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