How To Start Your Own Wig Making Business (working document)

If you are someone looking to try out new business ideas to find your way, this should help.

First things first, save your money. Also figure out what your community or potential audience needs. Wholesale companies will be your best friends. This will be a cheap way of buying hair to make into wigs.

You can purchase a wig kit through Our Noir or purchase your own. Our Noir just establishes a way that you can by from a Black business.

Find your customers

- Do you notice people at your school, work, or general neighborhood need help with their hair?

- Figure out pricing based on hours to create the wig and delivery

- Keep price realistic for customers

Start Small

- Use hair people provide you with

- Get pictures of first few clients, including yourself

- Optimize quality by using natural lighting, your phone horizontally, and a clean background

Payment Platform

- Will someone sell it for you?

- PayPal, Stripe

- Some way that can guarantee a refund, if your customer is unhappy

If you are a YouTuber and receive many hair company emails you cannot fulfill, then this will help.

I suggest making a separate channel for hair or do something very innovate. People are starting to get tired of hair reviews.

The typical process is to make a wig then the video, receive compensation, public the video, and sell the wig.

Stay affordable and practice techniques.


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