Voting Registration Essay

Allan J. Lichtman and Ibram X. Kendi are two professors at American University who have careers in race and legal relations. Their experiences were used at the event to talk about voting as a practice and what it means today. In the United States we have less than half of the population showing up to the polls for midterms and presidential elections: we learned there are many reasons for voter turnout. Professor Kendi and Lichtman framed the conversation as, who has the right to vote and who does it benefits from voter suppression.

The conversation...

An Essay I Wrote about Pueto Rico

Blackout in Puerto Rico

Frontline is a documentary series site created by PBS. Through investigative journalism different stories across the world are produced for citizens consume as they see fit. The series cover popular political trends and national disasters around the world. American university held an event for the journalist that created “Blackout in Puerto Rico” to provide commentary and answer questions about their work. This event is intended for an audience that wants to pursue the career and learn the craft of investigative journalism.

At the event we heard from Laura Sullivan,...

The College and Low Income Reality Thoughts

My random thoughts that I wrote down in my notes after I found out my friend is homeless and there is little I can do...

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How To Start Your Own Wig Making Business (working document)

If you are someone looking to try out new business ideas to find your way, this should help.

First things first, save your money. Also figure out what your community or potential audience needs. Wholesale companies will be your best friends. This will be a cheap way of buying hair to make into wigs.

You can purchase a wig kit through Our Noir or purchase your own. Our Noir just establishes a way that you can by from a Black business.

Find your customers

- Do you notice people at your school, work, or general neighborhood need help with their...


This is the new and improved Black Girl Tag! The old one is pretty outdated and was in dire need of revamping. This tag will constantly be updated, so let me know what questions to add or modify to make this tag the best it can be!

1. Are you natural, relaxed, or texlaxed?

2. When did you big chop or were you natural all your life?

3. Your favorite thing about being Black. (ie. hair, skin, culture)?

4. What Black woman do you relate to the most (Fictional...